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Yes, the site is legit and secured. At first, I just wanted something to cuddle with so I wouldn’t feel so alone. I wanted something that felt real and was realistic in size, so this was a perfect fit. I just wanted to snuggle it and put it on my body, but of course I had to try it out. The weight of it can be a little annoying, but that’s on purpose. Sometimes I like to put her on top of me and feel the real weight on my lap. To make the experience even more magical, I like to turn on some sound or ASMR to make it more realistic.

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Yes, great product and great customer experience! I love my doll. She is as realistic as described. Training with her was great. The skin texture is great. She is very close to a realistic experience. I love using this thing to get my core strength so I can destroy my girlfriend when she visits me. They will really like this doll. I have no problems or regrets with my purchase. Will be trading again.